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July 06, 2010


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Bill Fuchs - Total Team Construction LLC

How ironic ... my wife and two sons (16 and 18) play our own version of "full court" badminton in our backyard over the summer.

We play on a full size volleyball court, net at ~36", serve anywhere, you can set your partner, using a natural feather (sometimes weighted) shuttlecock. It is quite the challenge ... especially in the wind!

Great story ... I am forwarding it on!

Jim Randel

Thanks for your comment, Bill. One thing I learned FOR SURE - badminton is not as easy a game as it looks!! :-)


This is a very inspiring story. It is a 'human defense mechanism' to think that others are better than us just because... But a lot of people use that as an excuse for not trying harder. Thank you for sharing!

Jim Randel

Agreed! And thank you for reading!!

badminton courts

Great story. One of the famous personalities who play badminton include Paul Newman.

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