Jim Randel is a successful investor, attorney, entrepreneur and award-winning author of The Skinny On book series.

Designed to be read in just one hour, The Skinny On books examine and synthesize the leading research on an array of topics, determine the bottom-line, need-to-know information, and present helpful analysis in an engaging, stick-figure illustrated narrative.

The Skinny On series has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and Forbes Magazine. Learn more about their origin and inspiration here.


The Skinny On Creativity The Skinny On Networking The Skinny On Success

The Skinny On Persuasion The Skinny On Direct Sales The Skinny On Credit Cards

The Skinny On Willpower The Skinny On Time Management The Skinny On Real Estate Investing

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September 08, 2010


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Wow I have been doing this for quite some time but hard is when I don't have the TOOLs available to ME!

like when driving, or In the pool thanks for the share though.



Very helpful information! I think this will keep me better organized with my inspiration.

Thank you!


Awesome tips! I knew about them, but it's always great to be reminded. :)

Heather Wagenhals

This is precisely why I must have a smart phone with an app that does voice recording. Just about everything we have on the website has come from an idea I had while doing something else that I dictated and later had transcribed. I agree that you must capture the moment as it happens. The collective unconscious is always at work and if you don't write it down and get going on it, someone else will!

Jim Randel

@Straightalk Agreed! For Driving and/or pool you can try a voice recorder or phone app as Heather mentioned! (assuming you have something dry to hit the record button with!)

@Janice @MelanikaBa Thank you so much for reading and for your comments! Stayed tuned! We have many more posts to come! :)

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